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Freelance -Writer

Thursday, March 03, 2016


Mumbai Life –The heart of India,
Life starts early in the Morning,

Running and scrambling with daily routine,
People here are fully enthusiastic, be it a businessman or a simple house wife,

There’s not a minute to spare, everyone is busy to go here and there,
The city never sleeps - 24 X 7, People flock here and there from every platform to every station,
What it lacks in Space, It makes up in Spirit,

Rains may flood and block all ways of commuting, but the city rocks,
The trains are always packed; the roads are forever jammed,

The lifeline is a rake on track,

So many people with different cultures and traditions,Be it any caste or any festival, everyone together unites and celebrates, whatever be their lingual affiliation.

The city is filled with good and bad people, some places maybe dirty and stinky, some places maybe clean, but still people love and admire their city Mumbai … Amchi Mumbai …

The spirit of Mumbai is wonderful, where people unite together and support each other when terror strikes.

Neha Piyush Kumar Zadu

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Freedom - Is Wings .......


Freedom rules,Freedom is like a pair wings,
Freedom rocks, freedom rules, but it's no thing for a pair of fools,
Freedom rules,Freedom gives the chance to sing,

Freedom rocks, freedom rules,
It should be a thing available in schools
Freedom rules,Freedom is just one of things,

Freedom rocks, freedom rules,
Freedom isn't just for the cool
Freedom rules,Freedom is like the water flowing from springs,

Freedom rocks, freedom rules.

There are some who love freedom like a jewel,
Freedom of choice,Freedom for love,

Freedom of time and space...
Freedom, freedom, Oh so great Freedom, 

Freedom ................
Take me away...............................................................................................

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Love is the beauty of the Soul

I was never insane except upon occasion when my heart was touched by your love! Since, love grows within you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul. There is no heart for me like yours in this Universe, and there is no love for you like mine.

I want to read not write, read your words, not mine.
The words that broke the ice, the words of many question-less replies.
I want to take a pause from the silence, the silence after ending a poem.
The silence of unexplained unsaid 'love' that you unearthed, with your words, not mine. 
Let your words remain like stillness on my face forever.

The stillness put upon by your words, not mine!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What is Music PR ?

Music PR : 

Most music PR companies have a dedicated focus - for instance, they only do print media or they only do radio. Some are divided even further, in that they only do college and club radio promotion or they only promote to websites.

Most music PR is done on a campaign basis. If a label wants to promote a new release, they may hire a PR company for a set window of time, during which the PR company will try to generate press releases and promotional activities.At the end of the campaign, the PR company will issue a report with press clippings of all of the coverage,that the album has received. They may report at intervals during the campaign as well.

Hiring a PR company can be a great thing. When you're working with an established PR company, then you know that first hurdle - the building of press contacts - has already been tackled. An envelope bearing the logo of a well known PR company can carry a lot of weight at a magazine that received hundreds of promos a day. Working with these companies can be extraordinarily expensive, however, and there is no guarantee of any pay off. Some PR campaigns end with exactly zilch in the way of press, but you still have to pay the bill.
 For this reason, small labels should think carefully about PR - much of it can be done in-house, so only hiring a PR company when you think you have something that could really get a lot of press is a good plan.

Also Known As: Press Relations, Publicity, Promotion, Plugging (especially in the case of radio)